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Best Curling Mascara Reviews

Finding that best curling mascara for your eyes that will highlight your lashes and make them look full and lush without harming your roots can be somewhat frustrating. Many times it takes trying several types out, often throwing some in the garbage before you find just the one you like. Not everyone has either the time or the money to invest in that. This post will share with you some of the best curling mascaras that are on the market today.

Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara

For those who are on a budget but still would like to look just as glamorous, there is this brand. This mascara still provides that lush, long and curly lash look due to the unique cylindrical shape of the brush wand that helps to accentuate the eye and even allows you to reach and touch up those delicate little lashes on the inner corner of each eye. It does not flake or smudge and is easy to wash off with simple soap and water at night. This is perfect for those who have light coloured lashes.

Lancome Hypnose Mascara

This brand is another of the best curling mascara brands you can find. It is enriched with vitamin B5 and doesn’t smear, smudge or clump as you apply it. It has been designed with a special brush that helps mould your lashes to get the full curly look you are going for whether it is for a soft touch going to work or a bold look going out on the town.

Dior DiorShow Black out Mascara

This is a Christian Dior product that is really dark black for those of you who need it. It has been designed to give your lashes the extra little lift that is perfect for creating that dramatic look. Due to the extra kohl pigments found within the formula, it glides on smooth when applying and makes each lash look like it is longer and curlier than it is. It can be perfect to wear on its own or with an assortment of eye shadow for that extra glamour look.

Dior DiorShow Mascara

If you are going to be having a long day where you may sweat or not be able to get to the washroom for a touch up, you may want to instead go with the DiorShow mascara. This mascara will last longer, is less clumpy and can be worn for 24 hours without fear of smear or raccoon eyes. This mascara is meant to give your eyelashes a more plump and full look to it rather than the long lash effect as done by the DiorShow Black Out mascara. For those who would like full and curly over long and curled this may be the choice for you.

Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Effect Extension

The special ingredients in this brand are sweet almond oil which helps protect lashes due to its emollient properties, also it is comprised of stretch extension wax that coats every lash and allows for a stretch just like an elastic to create longer and more curly looking lashes. This is also for sensitive eyes and perfect for those who would love to have that big and flirty look for a night out on the town. Due to the make of the brush, even those who have shorter or thinner lashes can use this to get mascara on each and every lash.

Most of these products range in price from $15 to $30 but come with full money back guarantees and last a long time. Each brand is known for their top beauty products and each manufacturer works hard to keep product quality products that will keep their customers coming back for more. This is what you want when you go looking for the best curling mascara or any other beauty product you will be using on your body.