Eyelash Beauty Makeup Reviews

Best Eyelash Curlers

There are two different kinds of eyelash curlers you can find on the market today. One type is a manual variety. These are usually metal and need to be held onto your lashes and applied with pressure to get that curl you would like. The other type of eyelash curler is the heated form. These use a simple AA battery and instead of using excess pressure manually, you are given the extra boost from the heat to assist in curling your lashes which for many is safer and less painful.

Manual Eyelash Curler Picks

Revlon Eye Lash Curler

This is an affordable choice at only around $5-$8 depending on where you purchase from. Revlon has been a trusted name in the beauty field for many years. Its contoured design has been created for you to be able to get the most out of every application by being able to fit as close in to the lash line as possible without pinching or hurting your skin or lashes. Extra support is provided for comfort by the two long lasting curl pads. This product can be used before or after applying mascara.

The average time the curl will last may be anywhere from 2 hours to more. If you find the curl is not holding or taking longer to curl initially, you may need to apply more pressure.

Tweezerman Deluxe Metal Eyelash Curler

This is a little more expensive than the Revlon brand but comes with extra sturdy construction that enables a smooth opening and closing and a rounded curler pad that will create a more intense curl when applying. This product too can be used before or after applying mascara but be sure to keep clean or you will lose the ease of use when opening and closing. Many other products just end up giving your lashes a crimpled look, because of the extra padding and sturdy construction of this, you get a natural curl every time which is good for a day time look for those who do not want to wear mascara but still want eyes that are noticeable.

Heated Eyelash Curlers

Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler

There are a few designs for the heated eyelash curlers. This design is a flip down with easel style handle that allows you to put on your lash and gently squeeze until you have reached the curl you desire, you then flip the handle back into the locked position when done. This is compact and can be carried in your purse so that you can slip into the restroom before a date and spend a minute getting those lashes looking lush and sultry looking. Heated curlers are a little more expensive than manual ones but offer an easier application for many who have no time to sit and clamp down on a manual one until the curl is just right.



Sephora Mini Heated Eyelash Curler

This little mini eyelash curler is not as expensive as the above one; this is the perfect tool for those who have stubborn straight lashes who need the extra boost. This product is also designed to be used after mascara application because it warms the waxes in the mascara and moulds your lashes into a longer lasting curl. Desired results can be achieved in a few short minutes for a natural look or a dramatic twist.