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Best Eyeshadow Colors and Techniques for Blue Eyes

As you have been growing up, you may have heard many people give advice on what color eyeshadow you should wear based on both your eye color and the clothes that you are going to wear for the day. While it may be great to try to coordinate many of these tips together, you should also know what to avoid and the best techniques to use to make your eyes stand out.

Tips for choosing the best eyeshadow colors and techniques for blue eyes

The number one thing to remember is that if you have blue eyes, you should stay away from using blue eyeshadow. You want to be able to have your eyes pop and pull of a mesmerizing look regardless of what you wear. This means you should be trying out earth tones like browns that may have a slight purlpe base. Taupe and slate colored grays are also excellent choices. If you are looking for something a little more fun or off the charts, you could also try a beautiful rose colored eyeshadow. Using pink and purple eyeshadow adds a coolness that brings a nice contrast to blue eyes.

Once you have chosen the shadows that make your eye color pop, you need to focus on the best way to apply your colors. Blending is key to a successful and natural look. You need to have three different colors picked out; a base which is usually a light taupe, a highlighter color for the crease of your eye, and then the main color that will go on the lid of your eye. Then you need to blend them from light to dark to make them merge and work together for the best overall effect.


Starting from the lightest first, you need to apply the taupe from eye lash to brow base being sure to cover the whole eye area. Then you apply the medium color which is the main color over the eye and finally add the dark tone to the crease area. Then blend it all in so it works together. If you make it too heavy, you will need to start again. You may want to practice several times a few days in advance if you are getting ready to go to a special event and want to look professional and polished.

It is not so hard to find the best eyeshadow colors and techniques for blue eyes with a little bit of practice, the right brushes and eyeliners to accent your look and a steady hand when applying your makeup. Like most things, the more you do it, the better you will become and the less time it will take to get the perfect look down pat regardless of whether you are going to a parent teacher interview, participating in a bake sale, or going to an interview for a high powered office position.