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Best Tweezers for Eyebrow Shaping

Do you think all tweezers are the same? Do you wonder why they sell so many different types and why bother looking for the right one? The right set of tweezers can help you shape your eyebrows perfectly. With a standard or cheap pair, you could find yourself in a nightmare. Since eyebrows take 4-6 weeks to re-grow, the last thing you want to do is walk around with scary or embarrassing eyebrows that went wrong. There are certain specifics to look for when shopping around for the best tweezers for eyebrow shaping and we hope to help you sort that all out here.

A few quick tips for what to look out for:

-Quality Stainless Steel

-Look for an ergonomical design that provides a comfortable grip in your hands and will also minimize any pain to the facial area when plucking

-A life time guarantee!

While there are many brands on the market today, Body Toolz offers a remarkable line up with various tools for the perfect eyebrow shaping and look. They are all affordably priced and meet all of the requirements as listed above. Here are some of the ones that are considered to be the best tweezers for eyebrow shaping:

1. Body Toolz Double End Tweezer Slant and Pointed

These little beauties allow you to use the slanted side for overall plucking and when you need to get into tight spots for fine tweezing, you can flip this handy little tool over and use the pointed side. This is also great for applying those fake eyelashes when you need to. It comes in a variety of colors such as red, black, grey and pink for those who like to keep things all color co-ordinated.

2. Body Toolz Slanted Tweezer with Comb

How about one of these one of a kind stainless steel marvels? They are created with customized tips and have been calibrated to use just the right amount of tension so you can easily grab those fine hairs for the most polished look. On the opposite end, you have the benefit of a comb to help you shape your eyebrow hairs for snipping those that don’t need to be plucked or helping to separate the hairs that do need to be tweezed. This is the perfect tool for both plucking and grooming. This tool is available in grey, blue and pink.

3. Wide Grip Cushion Slanted Tweezer

Do you find that when you start tweezing, your hands get all sweaty and you have a hard time gripping that tiny little body of your everyday tweezer? Well, this is the perfect solution. This has been designed for comfort and control. As with all products designed by Body Toolz, this product is highly functional and works to grab the finest of your hairs. No more slipping or cramping for your hands when using this tool. This product only comes in polished black enamel finish right now.


4. Body Toolz Deluxe Eyebrow Kit

Perhaps you are unsure of what tool would be best to use. Or maybe you are just getting started with tweezing your eyebrows and would like to have a compact kit that holds all of the necessary tools in one pouch. With this kit, you can have access to 3 different types of tweezers used for regular tweezing jobs to those jobs with fine hairs that tend to give some grief when trying to pluck them. There is also some mini scissors and a brow brush/comb for when you want to complete your grooming job.

Each of these products range in price from $10 to $20; which is an attractive price when you think of the fact that they all have a life time guarantee and are made from durable and reliable materials. These tools will be one of the best investments you can make for your beauty care.