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Eye Makeup and Eyeshadow Tips for Green Eyes

Learning how to apply eye makeup for various colored eyes takes a little bit of knowledge as well as practicing the right tips and techniques. Since your eyes are usually one of the first things people notice about you, being sure to wear the right shades of color and in the right style for your face and bone structure can be the thing that really attracts people to you.

In this post we will do a small tutorial of the proper procedures and some eye makeup and eyeshadow tips for green eyes.

First let’s cover some basic tips that can be used for any color eyes.

Secrets to applying eyeshadow

-always remember to blend. Primarily use 3 different colors ranging from light to darker to darkest. By starting light and then going darker, you can then blend the shades together at the right places to create an even look.

-choose shadows that make the color of your eyes really stand out. This is why you need to learn which colors go well with various eyes. If you wear colors that work against your natural eye color, you will not look vibrant and sexy but rather more like you clash. The idea of wearing eye makeup is to enhance the natural beauty of both your eye color and your skin tone. By learning what works together, you can ensure that you look your best all the time regardless of what clothes you end up wearing.

-unless you are doing a professional photo shoot, you should not wear deep color on your brow bone. This adds too much drama and a lot more shadow to your face than you want for a day time look. If you do find you need to wear color on your brow bone, choose a neutral or light shade.

-if you use a high lighter, be sure to apply it correctly. Only blend the dark shadow of the crease on the outside edge of your eye. By getting too close to your eyes, you will make your eyes appear smaller than what they may be.

Which color eyeshadows should you choose for green eyes?

If you are truly looking to make your eyes stand out and look gorgeous, you should check into getting shades of gold. Warm, shimmery shades such as bronze, gold, or even copper are the perfect choice. If you aren’t sure of the exact shades to use, you can buy an eyeshadow palette with a few shades to try out. These do not have to be expensive. Maybelline has a wide variety to choose from for as low as $7 and you can purchase them online or in most drugstores. The great thing about most of these palette compilations is that most of the manufacturing companies have already gone and put together these colors for you so all you need to do is know which shade to use for your base lid, the crease and your upper brow area to make it all work together.

Neutral colors will also work for green eyes and you will be able to mix and match your colors as you choose. If you are looking for a great neutral shade for your crease, you could try “sketch” which is a deep brownish-red base with a subtle shimmer to it. This easily blends well with other shades and can work wonders when used at the outer corners or as an all over lid color as well.

Using shades that have a reddish or pink undertone to them really helps to bring out the gorgeous green of your eyes no matter how deep or light colored they may be. Always remember to go by your skin complexion when choosing your colors. For red heads and blonds, as they tend to have fair skin or even porcelain complexions, earthy tones may be a better choice to highlight the green in their eyes. For those who have darker skin and hair, pastel shades may be better suited. Many people believe though that those with green eyes are special in that they can get away with wearing most any shade that is out there as long as it is applied correctly with the right techniques and liner.

Always remember that to top of the look of great eyeshadow and make your eyes have that extra little pop, you need to apply a great eyeliner as well. This is the finishing touch that adds that extra depth and accent they need to truly stand out. When choosing a liner, the best ones for green eyes are colors such deep violet, rich wines, and brownish purples. If you have deep green eyes, wearing black shades also work providing you smudge it a little to blend in evenly with your eyeshadow.

For mascara choices, you can look for a deep wine or plum color for a night on the town or a simple dark brown or black for a day time look. If you choose a dark or black mascara, be sure to make sure that the eye liner you wear on your lower lids does not go from corner to corner as this may make your eyes too dark and take away from the natural beauty of your green eye shade.

While there may be a little more to Eye Makeup and Eyeshadow Tips for Green Eyes than are written here, a lot of it comes down to just each individual trying out what works for them to accent their natural skin shades and features.  One of the benefits of green eyes is the wide variety of colors there are to work with as opposed to those who have brown or blue eyes.  Once you have taken the time to learn about application procedures and the best way to blend your shades together for different looks for both night time and day, you can have almost any look you want. Now, go out there and get some new bold shades you have never tried before and have some fun experimenting!