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Eye Shadow and Eye Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

Those who have hazel eyes often have more choices than those with a single color tone. But there are 4 different hazel shades and each one works best with various shades of eye shadow. In this article we will discuss the most common selections for each group.

Eye Makeup for Hazel-Green Eyes

Hazel-Green http://www.flickr.com/photos/abigail_king/

People who have this eye color need to make sure that when they do choose colors that they do not pick something that is going to overpower their natural color. Eye shadow color such as beige, pink and champagne can highlight your eyes and make you look radiant. If you are going for more of a darker look, a light purple is also an amazing pick.

Eye Makeup for Hazel-Brown Eyes

One of the easiest color picks of them all is the hazel brown eyes. Eye makeup tips for hazel eyes that are mostly brown use the same shades as those used on brown eyes only with a lighter shade choice. Once you have chosen a lighter shade eye shadow, you can then bring out the flecks in your eyes by using a highlighter. Contrast is best created by using eye liner of various choices such as golds, copper or a bronze.

Eye Makeup for Dark Hazel Eyes

Dark Hazel http://www.flickr.com/photos/hayliejaed/

This is a deeper shade than in the options listed above. If this is your eye color, than you should try opting for eye shadows such as pinks, greens and mauves. Another really hot color to try is a khaki which is perfect for those with really deep eyes. You can also choose to look elegant by going with berry shades.You can find many different shades of green to try. Always remember though to blend well to bring the look together.

Eye Makeup for Light Colored Hazel Eyes that Look Gray

Hazel Gray http://www.flickr.com/photos/weirdcolor/

This is probably the most fun eye shade to play with. You can choose many different shades and tones. Pewter shimmer can really transform your eyes while soft purples in the crease with pinks for highlights can really work wonders as well. This is the perfect shade and one of the only few that can wear a light blue or gray blue shade and make it work. Be sure to use a beige highlighter when choosing your eye color shades and be prepared to make your eyes really pop when you don some silver or ivory.

Eye Makeup Tips for any Shade of Hazel Eyes

If you are still trying to experiment and see which eye shadow shades are perfect for your eyes, purchasing a palette with 4 or more colors that mix is a safe bet. You can then experiment by adding a little bit of water to your eyeshadow brush. This allows you to see just how dark of a color you can go without going too far.You can also use the color palette to help determine the best color to use for eye liners.And always remember to top off your look with some quality mascara that will give your eyes that dramatic flair.