Beautiful Eyebrows

Eyebrow Shaping Tips for a Perfect Arch

Have you ever looked at magazines and watched award ceremonies on tv and wondered how all of those models and stars got those amazingly polished and evenly arched eyebrows? There is definitely an art and much needed practice involved to get such great results. If you think it is time to learn the tricks, here is some eyebrow shaping tips for a perfect arch:

First off, not every shape and style is suitable for everyone. Although many would love to have Kim Kardashian’s perfect look, there are a few things that need to be considered. You need to consider your own bone structure. You then need to choose the right shape, width and color for your eyebrows to get that all together chic look for your face.

  • If you have a tiny face, low brow bone, or delicate features, make sure your brows are not too thick. The idea is to open up your eyes. When the space between your brows and upper lashes is too narrow, you need to make the eyebrow thinner and more arched.
  • In contrast though, for those who have high set brow bones or thick brows, you will want to make sure that the arches are wider and more proportionate to the overall spacing of your facial features.

The first thing you will need to do is trim your eyebrows. Grab yourself a round eyebrow brush and fan your eyebrows straight out so you will see the long hairs you need to trim down. Using special eyebrow scissors (these are smaller than regular ones and will make the process easier), trim any hairs that are extending above or below the natural eyebrow shape.

To find your eyebrow arch, you will need to grab an eyebrow pencil. Your pencil needs to be aligned with the outer edge of your eye’s iris (which is the coloured part of the eye). You are looking for the highest point of your eyebrow’s arch which should be where the tip of the pencil meets your eyebrow. You may need a few tools such as an eyebrow pencil for sketching the outlining shape and a color enhancer for bringing out the eyebrow’s best full shape.

Here is a quick tip for coloring your eyebrows:

If you are a brunette, you should always aim to dye your brows one shade lighter.

If you are a blond, you should aim to dye your eyebrows one shade darker.

Whether you are plucking your brows or merely just trimming some out of whack ones to make everything look neat and tidy, you need to learn to work with your own features and outlines. You want to bring out your own natural beauty, not look like someone who has been under surgery or an experiment gone wrong. Watch videos on youtube if you are looking for specific techniques, or ask a beauty specialist in a salon which products are the most affordable and then ask if she will show you how to use them to get the perfect arch for your eyebrows.