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Eyebrows Falling Out? How to Stop the Hair Loss

If you are becoming a little worried about your eyebrows falling out, there is no reason to start freaking out. Many times this type of thing just happens but there is a way to stop that hair loss so you can go back to enjoying your beautifully sculpted eyebrows.

There are many things that could cause your eyebrows to be thinning or falling out. Some of our daily activities that we do without much thought could be the culprits and not necessary an illness or anything more serious than that. Do you spend a lot of time touching your face? Pulling or tugging on your brows can loosen the hair follicles, intense rubbing of the eyes or a deep cleanse, using too much makeup, or perhaps you have suffered from a burn or chemical damage or even chemotherapy.

If none of the circumstances above apply, you may want to check with your doctor just to make sure that you do not have some type of autoimmune disease or a skin infection of some type.  More than likely, your system is just going through one of the three phases that are normal. These phases are called Anagen, Categen and Telegen.

The Anagen phase is where your eyebrows will grow in about 4 to 7 months. The Categen phase is about 2 or 3 weeks long and is where your browse are transitioning and turning into “club hair” which is where they become full and then stop growing.

The Telegan phase or otherwise known as the “resting phase” lasts about 9 months and is when your eyebrow hair begins to shed to make room for more growth of healthier hair.

If you are worried about your eyebrow hair loss, it is possible to lengthen the time when your hair is growing and becoming mature. By applying brow stimulator and enhancer products, your eyebrows will appear thicker and not shed as much.

Diet also can play a role in your hair starting to fall out as well. By eating a well-balanced meal three times a day and ensuring your body gets all of the required vitamins and nutrients it needs to grow your hair, you will not see so much shedding. Stay away from sugary foods like pastries, which raise your blood sugar and cause hair loss. Replace instead with lots of veggies and fruit, especially protein rich foods like tofu and nuts.

Another little tip you can use to protect your eyebrow hairs is to spend five extra minutes a night to apply a moisturizing cream to your eyebrow area. The purpose of the lotion is to keep the area from getting too dry and flaky especially during the winter months. Folligen Cream is also known to promote hair growth and is a natural product that can be found in health food store.

Do you have a stressful life? This can also cause your body to go out whack and make your hair fall out since stress causes your white blood cells to attack the hair follicles. Having activities that help you de-stress such as reading, yoga or listening to music and taking a bath or a few moments to close your eyes can really work wonders.