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Eyelash Extension Training And Courses

Eyelash extension training is necessary for anyone who wants to learn how to attach individual eyelashes individually. This job calls for a licensed and fully trained eyelash extension specialist.

To extend the eyelash, a synthetic version is added to every natural eyelash. For example, if the individual has one hundred eyelashes there will also be the same number of extensions. This process usually takes between one to three hours depending on the experience of the specialist.

Popular Eyelash Extension Training Providers

Professional training studios like Butterfly Lash Solutions, which can be reached by dialing-1-813-223-1875, provide lash extension training in the United States. One-on-one eyelash extension training costs $1250 and that already includes the training kit. For those who want to save some money or cannot afford this price, eyelash extension classes can be undertaken with a group, which brings down the cost of the eyelash extension course to $999 per participant inclusive of the standard kit.

In Canada, another authority in eyelash extension training is Extreme Lashes Inc., which can be reached at 1-416-410-8152. Student loans are available for those with good credit, and this company guarantees that one can be certified immediately upon finishing the course. The student is required to provide clear photo proofs to the trainer of a minimum 50 extensions applied per eye. The average lash extension training lasts for four days and no refunds are provided once the student has had access to the training materials. The fee is Canadian $1150 where every graduate gets a free eyelash extension at the end of the course. The company provides training in every major city of Canada, so if a U.S. resident is closer to say, Toronto or Vancouver, it might be a good idea to cross the border to attend the eyelash extension classes there.

The Need for Proper Extensions Training

Another reason why the serious professional should undertake eyelash extensions training is that no salon will accept an untrained, un-certified person, unless of course the outfit is willing to sacrifice its reputation. Salons and aesthetic clinics alike are firm in this policy because there are very high standards to be met. For starters, the trainee must have steady hands and very sharp eyes, preferably 20/20 at the very least. This is because the average extension strand is very small and needs to be installed with precision. In addition, the specialist should be able to find the right fit for the client in terms of color, skin texture, and thickness of the lash extension, among other factors.

Growing Popularity of Eyelash Extensions

Several years ago, Oprah Winfrey discussed her personal experience with artificial eyelashes in one of her talk show episodes, lamenting how these needed to be done painstakingly on every show. It is unknown if she has already made the switch to the latest technology which is what eyelash extension training is all about. Nevertheless, other celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Naomi Campbell, Nicole Kidman, and many others have for sure already made the switch for convenience’s sake. The new technology is semi permanent and lasts for a year with some retouching every few weeks. Because of the product’s appeal, there is a likelihood that the student will earn a lucrative income after finishing the eyelash extension course.

In summary, eyelash extension training is a necessity; there is simply no excuse to not taking it if one hopes to become a full-fledged eyelash extension technician. The course is intensive in addition to the cost, but the individual who has a strong interest in this vocation must strike while the iron is hot, so-to-speak. Thus, while many salons are still busy hiring for this relatively new technology, the aspirant must be on the way towards completing the course already.