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False Eyelashes: Reviews and Guide to Fake Lashes

Fake eyelashes have been a popular cosmetic accessory for many years. Ladies who were not born with thick, long eyelashes can fake it with many of the falsies available on the market. False lashes have a beautiful impact on the eyes, and they can be used alone or with makeup for the ultimate glamorous effect. There are many types to use in a huge variety of styles, from simple, natural individual lashes to fluffy bold feathers that arch up to one’s eyebrows. No matter what look a woman desires, there is a set of fake lashes out there to suit her.

In most cases, false eyelashes are made from human hair, and they must be applied to the lash line with surgical grade glue. One can buy sets that include the glue and tweezers or special applicator tool. The eyelashes usually come in a full fan that will span the length of the eyelid, but there are half length and individual lashes too. A set of half-length or semi lashes are smaller, and they are usually placed on the outer corner to emphasize the shape of the eyes.

Not everyone is willing or able to put on her own fake lashes, however. There is also the option to have eyelash extensions applied at a salon. Unlike the ones bought at the store, these extensions are semi-permanent and will fall out over time. They are usually not real hair, either. Extensions are more appropriate for women who want a natural daily look but do not want to apply fake eyelashes every morning. They cost a lot more than fake lash sets, however, and require more maintenance.

Varieties in Fake Lashes

There is an incredible array of styles for fake eyelashes. Some women like to place a few long sections just at the outer edge of the lid to create a Hollywood cat-eye effect. Others will use a full thick set or even some of the alternative styles like those with glitter or rhinestones. Goth girls often like these types.

Some couture fashion shows have featured runway models wearing false eyelashes made from bold feathers that are either mixed with human hair lash extensions or applied directly to the model’s own hair. One can make this kind at home by adding small feathers to a pair of traditional store bought false lashes, as well.

Reviews and Best False Eyelashes

There are several popular brands available in the cosmetic aisles, so choosing the best false eyelashes is up to the individual’s tastes. The most common and cheapest brands are Ardell and Andrea, which are easy to find in drug stores and cosmetic aisles. These are fine for most uses, but they are not known to be the most natural appearing brands. They are great to have on hand if one needs to pick up some falsies at the last minute for an unexpected glamorous event. They are perfect for costume parties or Halloween, too.

The best brands for the most natural looking and long lasting fake eyelashes ares Shu Uemera and Mac. These are high-end cosmetic companies, so their products are not cheap, and one may have to order them online in certain areas. Shu Uemera is known to have the most reliable eyelash glue, which is one of the most important aspects of application. They also have a large selection of eyelash styles, including showgirl-worthy rhinestones and feathers. Mac cosmetic counters have a large selection of fake lashes that the customer can have fitted and cut to her specific eye size. Many upscale department stores have Mac counters, so it is not impossible to buy their product in person. One can also purchase Mac lashes online if they are not available locally.

There is an enormous selection of fake eyelashes available: synthetic or natural eyelashes, false sets or extensions, bold or demure, Gothic or glamorous; the list is extensive. There is certainly a product that will suit any woman’s style. False lashes are not difficult to apply, and they can be easily removed, as well. If one is looking for a style change, trying out a pair of false eyelashes may be just the thing for a fresh new look.