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Guide to How to Put on Eyeliner

Before you even get into the actual practice of how to put on eyeliner, there are several things to consider. You may be wondering which products are the best to use. Should you go for a eyeliner pencil or a liquid eyeliner? Is it best to apply the eyeliner to your upper lid and lower lid or just one or the other? Which colors should you use, or is it best to just choose a base color such as brown or black that can go with most of the eye shadows you use. These are all important questions to ask and answer before getting into the actual application.

The following article is a little guide to how to put on eyeliner for after you have made your decision. There are also several methods you can choose to use when applying your eyeliner. You can opt for a cat eye, a smoky eye low or just a basic eye for going to a day job.

If you do choose to use an eyeliner pencil, you will need to set the line with eyeshadow since pencil lines often tend to melt and lose their impact as the day wears on.

If you are applying liquid eyeliner, you need to make sure that you work from the inside of the lashes out towards the outer lashes in one big fluid motion. Using a liquid eyeliner often requires a steady hand and confidence in your abilities to create a straight line as the liquid eyeliner can often be harder to maintain and will require a little more work to wipe off and start over with. The best way is to start with the eyeliner before applying any eyeshadow so if you do need to make any repairs, you will not be wiping off your eyeshadow and make more work for yourself.

If you would like a basic eye look and want to appear more natural, choose a deep brown eyeliner color and apply with a light hand. You start out with holding your eye lid taut with your fingers. Run a line from the inside of your lashes to the outside with a eye pencil or eyeliner brush that has been dipped in a dark eyeshadow. If you want a more dramatic look, you can make the outside line a bit thicker than then the inside line and extend it just a bit past the lash line. Once you have created the trace line, go over it with a liquid liner; if you find your hand is too unsteady, you can try propping your elbow on a table as you trace so it will not move all over. Once you have completed your liner, set it with an eyeshadow cover. You can also choose to use a different color eyeliner pencil for the lower lashes. This one can be used to bring out the color of your eyes.

If you do not have wide set eyes, you may want to avoid lining the entire lower lid. Just pencil in about halfway and then using your finger, smudge the line a little so it appears more natural. You do not want to have eyes that appear too coated or dark with liner so you can choose to just go with eyeliner on the top or bottom depending on which you find both easier to apply as well as which one gives you the type of look you are after.