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How to Apply False Eyelashes on Yourself

Many women who would like to wear false eyelashes will go to a beauty salon to have a professional complete the process. But if you do not have the extra money or are short on time and would like to learn how to apply false eyelashes on yourself, this article will share the steps to take.

There are many reasons women choose to wear false eyelashes. Perhaps their own lashes are too short or thin and you can barely see them. There are many brands of false eyelashes available on the market today and often one can get confused about the best ones to purchase. Going for an expensive set does not always mean that they will be better than a cheaper set. As long as you learn the steps to properly apply them, most people will never know the difference.

1. When you first open your fake eyelash kit, you will want to trim them down so that they fit your exact eyes. They need to fit snuggly over your real lashes leaving no gaps in between for the most natural look you can create.

2. The next step for how to apply false eyelashes on yourself is to prepare the glue. Now, you will not want to just directly apply glue to your eyelid as that can be very dangerous if you were to accidentally glue your eye shut or get it inside your eye. One smart tip you can use is to put a little bit of glue on your hand and run the eyelash through it. Then wait a few minutes for the glue to gel somewhat so it is not so liquidy when you go to apply it to your eyelid.

When accidents do happen though, merely take off your false eyelash, go rinse out your eyes and let the wet lashes dry, you can re-apply them later. Try to use as little glue as possible to avoid mistakes and injuries.

3, Although you can apply your false eyelashes to your lids with your hands, some people find that they get better control and accuracy by using tweezers. once you have applied them as close to your natural lashes as possible, you will need to press on them gently for a few minutes until the glue has dried.

4. Once you have applied your false eyelashes, you need to take out your mascara and put on a coat to both the real and false lashes. This will allow them to blend in and look as if they are all one piece.

5. The final touch for how to apply false eyelashes on yourself is to add some eyeliner to fill in any gaps that may have been missed. Although some people prefer to apply the eyeliner first before gluing on their lashes to avoid any messiness and for ease of application.

The great thing about false eyelashes is that they can be removed easily with makeup remover and a hot compress. If properly looked after by soaking them in eyelash cleaning solution after each use, you can continue using them for many more applications. If you do not disinfect and sanitize your false eyelashes after each use, you could cause eye infections or irritations to your eyes so it is best to protect both your eyes and the length of life for your false lashes so you can enjoy them as long as you can.