Beautiful Eyebrows

How to Dye Your Eyebrows with Brow Tinting Products

One of the popular beauty applications for today’s women is dying your eyebrows. You could choose to dye your brows because they are turning grey or you could just want them to match your hair that has been recently colored. Whatever your reason, you need to be careful and follow specific steps to ensure that it is done right. If you do not do it right, you could risk having contact dermatitis or eye irritation. The following are quick steps for how to dye your eyebrows with brow tinting products.

1. To make sure that you will not have any skin rashes or dermatitis, you can apply a small amount of dye to an area of the back of your neck or inner upper arm. Wait for two days and if you do not see a rash, then you more than likely should be ok and will not suffer from any allergic reactions.

2. When trying to avoid irritation, you can purchase a bottle of bland ophthalmic ointment like Refresh P.M. and apply a thin coating to both your lower eyelids and your upper lids getting as close to your lids as you can and extending out about two inches. If you also have a bottle or two of a sterile eye irrigating solution on hand you can easily irrigate your eye if dye gets into it. You should be able to ease any burning with the use of the whole bottle.

3.For application of your brow tinting product, you may choose to use a q-tip or a toothbrush. If you have thin brows that have been trimmed or plucked,you may want to stick with the q-tip; for thicker, bushier brows, you may find a toothbrush will do a better job. Dip your q-tip into a small amount of the dye solution, enough to cover the top but not enough to drip. Let the solution stand for about 15 minutes with your eyes closed to allow the solution to do its job.

4.Before you wash your hair out, wipe the eyebrows first with a paper towel so you can minimize the risk of it dripping into your eyes. Regardless of how careful you have been and the extra measures you have used to protect your eyes and eye area, you may still experience a slight burning sensation around the eye area.

If you use common sense, care, and follow these steps for how to dye your eyebrows with brow tinting products you should be able to complete the job without any hardship. If you are still concerned or would feel more comfortable you can always call up your local beauty salon and book an appointment with a professional. Be sure to ask questions and know what is being used, and how they will do it so you can avoid any un-necessary worry or fear.