Eyelash Beauty

How to Grow Eyelashes Longer and Thicker

Many women dream of having long, luxurious eyelashes, but they do not know how to grow eyelashes. Fortunately, there are several ways you can encourage lash growth, including natural home remedies to grow longer eyelashes, as well as some synthetic grow long eyelashes options on the market.

How to Grow Your Eyelashes: Natural Methods

Eyelashes respond to the same stimulants that encourage nails and hair to grow and strengthen. Perhaps the most organic way to achieve these effects are through simply drinking lots of water and having a healthy diet that includes lots of vegetables that are high in vitamins and iron.

One of the most essential vitamins to help the growth of hair, nails, and eyelashes is vitamin E. You can get almost your entire daily dosage of vitamin E in one serving of raw sunflower seeds or half a dosage in one serving of dry roasted almonds.  There is also quite a bit of the vitamin in olives, spinach, papaya, and even blueberries, if you cannot reliably eat those foods, then just look for a good supplement. Vitamin E can also be taken in concentrated pill form, though tablets may be less effective than eating foods naturally high in it.

Another home remedy for growing long eyelashes involves massaging a natural lubricant like olive oil onto your lashes every night and then washing them in the morning. When these applications are combined with regular brushing, it will make the lashes look fuller, healthier and shinier, and this regimen may even cause additional growth.

How to Make Eyelashes Grow: Synthetic Treatments and Serums

If home remedies are not working for you and you would like to try something more drastic, you should look into the vast amount of drugs on the market. A few of the products are called Rapid Lash, lashipix, NeulashMD, Lash Factor, Enormous Lash, and Latisse.

Recently, there has been a lot of hype concerning Lash Allure MD. Many celebrities have claimed to use the product to great satisfaction. Originally, it was a drug used for glaucoma patients. When doctors and patients noticed that it was also unintentionally causing lashes to grow longer, the company re-branded it under the name of Latisse and performed the clinical trials necessary to have it sanctioned for prescriptive cosmetic use.

Many of the products that make eyelashes grow longer require a doctor or ophthalmologist’s prescription to obtain. You can get one from your ophthalmologist, your general practitioner, or even your OB-Gyn. These products are applied topically, which means that you apply it directly to the eyelid near the eyelashes with a smooth applicator that looks similar to an eyelash brush. Although it is not meant to be applied onto the eyeball, it will not harm your eyes if some of it sneaks into your eye.

For most eyelash growth products, the only side effect was red and itchy eyes from a small percentage of the study’s participants. Another harmless side effect that some people have experienced is the appearance of permanent brown pigmentation in the iris. Every prescription lasts for sixteen weeks, and they usually show results after a month. You must continue applying the serum regularly to continue to see results.

Whether you choose to take the home care route or the topical drug application route, you can learn how to make your eyelashes grow and see full results with longer, natural eyelashes and regular treatment, in about 4 months.