Beautiful Eyebrows

How to Pluck Your Eyebrows Perfectly

While there may be many reasons women choose to pluck their eyebrows, the overall intent is to give yourself a more feminine look and to soften your features. This can give you a more put together look for a professional job or just a simple night out on the town. If you have been thinking about attempting to pluck your eyebrows perfectly but want to make sure that you don’t make a mess of it all, the following steps should help.

1. If you don’t already have a nice manicure set with tweezers, then it is time to head on down to the store. You want to avoid buying any cheap ones for only a couple dollars. The ones that do the best job have a sharp pointed edge. The reason you want this is so you can grab an eyebrow at a time without worrying about grabbing too much. It is a lot easier to remove your eyebrows in one pull then several of them.

2. If you have never tried plucking your eyebrows before, you need to be prepared for some pain and discomfort. You could try numbing the skin around your eyebrows with an ice cube held over the area for about 5 minutes. As you progress and do this procedure more often, you may find that you can handle the discomfort and no longer need the freezing.

3. First you need to determine what shape of face you have. Is yours oval, square, or a wide circular shape? While there may be more categories, generally all face shapes fit into these categories. Since there is no one size fit to all eyebrow shapes you really need to know what you are dealing with to produce the perfect shape for you.

-take a look at how the hairs on your eyebrows grow and shape. Usually they will be quite dense in their natural form and then less dense around the areas where they will need to be plucked.

-If you are uncertain of anything, ask a friend, sister or mother what their opinion is. Since your eyebrows are one of the first things people notice about your face, the last thing you want is to go about things the wrong way.

-if you don’t have anyone to help you can hop online and do a little research. There are many sites that can help you determine the best way to go about things and figure out what shape brows would be right for you.

-lastly, if you are still uncertain, consider going to a salon for a waxing. You can then talk to the professional and when they start to grow back in you will see what needs to be plucked.

4. One cardinal rule to follow when determining how to pluck your eyebrows perfectly is to NEVER pluck from the top of your eyebrow. You only pluck from underneath. This is the only way to give you the most natural look and shape.

5. Eyebrows take weeks to grow back in, so please be careful of how much plucking you do. Don’t go nuts and pluck at things because they are not laying the right way or something miniscule such as that. Pluck a bit to get some shape, walk away and maybe ask someone’s opinion and then if need be, come back again and do a little more. If you pluck too much at a time, or too often, it may get to the point where your eyebrows don’t want to grow back in again at all. This could be bad news if you ended up with eyebrows that are too thin or ugly looking.

6. Also keep in mind what your eyebrow color is. If you dye your hair and end up with brows that are too dark for your new look, you may want to consider just bleaching them or dubbing the color down to a lighter shade to create a more balanced look instead of trying to pluck and shape eyebrows that don’t need to be tampered with.

It is possible to have a perfect eyebrow shape with a little bit of practice as long as you take the time to pay attention, don’t go overboard and use a light hand when determining what really needs to be plucked or not.