Eyelash Beauty Makeup Tips

How to Remove False Eyelashes at Home

False eyelashes can be a wonderful aid to those who are not blessed with naturally lush and long eyelashes but they can also be a pain and cause you distress if you do not know how to apply them correctly or how to remove them without detriment to your own lashes. You can use false lashes for everyday use, special events or to add that extra sexy look when taking photos for an extra special gift for your loved one.

Use Proper Care with Removal

One thing you need to remember is that if you try to pluck these false eyelashes off without proper preparation, you will also pull your own eyelashes out from the roots which means you will be looking bald or uneven for another 4 to 8 weeks until they can grow back in to their normal thickness once again. Growth for eyelashes work along the same lines as the hair on your head; this means that on average they will grow about 1 cm a month which is why it can take up to 8 full weeks before they will come back the way they once were before they were plucked out. Who really wants to labour through that time feeling unconscious or worrying that others may notice and wonder what the heck you did to yourself.

Use Solutions that Will Make the Process Easier

One of the best ways to remove false eyelashes at home is by using solutions or materials that will loosen up the glue that has been holding on those false lashes for the duration of time you have been wearing. While you can comfortably wear false lashes for several weeks; most of the time these falsies will not come off unless you help them along. As we have mentioned, you don’t want to just pluck them off or rip them from your lids as this could pull out your own eyelashes and cause you more concerns.

Instead you can:

– look in the cupboard or fridge for olive oil. If you do not have any in your home, you can purchase a bottle from the grocery store for a few dollars and it can be stored for a long time or even used in your cooking if you are concerned it will go bad before you get around to needing it again for false lashes.

Tips for Application:

-Dab a little olive oil on your fingertips. Massage it into the base of your lashes where the false ones were glued on. Hold your fingers there for a few minutes allowing time for the oil to penetrate the glue and get it to loosen up. Once the glue has been unstuck, you should easily be able to peel the fake lashes right off without any extra effort.

Beauty is an art and once you have found out a few tricks to help in your preparations and removals of the products you use to help in your highlights and accentuations, you should truly shine without fear of harming any of your natural features.