Beautiful Eyebrows Cosmetic Procedures

How to Thread Your Own Eyebrows

There are many methods for removing hair from your eyebrows and keeping them trim and sculptured but many of these methods may include complicated procedures at a clinic or leave swelling, redness and irritation. Threading eyebrows can be done at home but may require a little bit of practice before the getting the job done just as you would like it. When done correctly it is a safer method for your skin than waxing, shaving or plucking your hair follicles out. The results can also last for three to four weeks.

Here are the steps for how to thread your own eyebrows:

1. You will first need to begin by brushing your eyebrow hairs straight up. This will allow you to see which hairs you would like to get rid of. You will also be able to better determine which shape you would like your brows to be formed into.

2. Hunt through your sewing supplies for some thread. You will need to cut a 12 inch piece (roughly a foot) to use. Cotton is the best thread to use if you have it, although any thread can be used.

3. You will need to tie the end pieces of the thread together.

4. You should now have a circle of thread. Take both your hands at each end of the circle across from each other. You will need to twist over the string to create an X using one hand. Now continue twisting with your fingers a few more times ( 5x should be enough)

5. Making sure you don’t lose the shape of the thread or you will have to do the last step over. Now, placing your finger and thumb inside the loop, and the fingers of your other hand pinched together, you want to slide the twisted part of the thread over the hair you would like to remove. It is the movement of the twisted thread over the follicles that will grip the hair and allow it to be pulled out. (If you have ever tried putting a rubber band on your wrist or arm and then realized that it took some hair off with the rubbing, this works in much the same way)This can hurt a little depending on the amount of hair follicles you are attempting to remove.

Some key things to bear in mind are:

-make sure you pull the hair in the opposite direction of the way it grows. You will need to have a hand above your brow and the other one below it. The hand that will be moving the twisted part of your string will be the one below your eye.

-in order to get the right hair pieces removed, the section of hair to be removed should be positioned in the “v” part of the thread.

-using quick and precise movements, open your fingers on the hand that is below your brow and move it up to twist over the hair. This allows the hair to get caught in the twist and be pulled out. The more hesitant you are, the tougher it will be to do and the more pain you may experience.

Open the fingers of your other hand in order to put the twist back into the middle, and then you can repeat the steps again until you have removed all the unwanted hair from each brow.

If you find this method is too hard to implement on your own, you can either visit youtube for some videos, or contact a beauty salon and find out if anyone there can do the procedure for you.