Eyelash Beauty Makeup Tips

How to Use an Eyelash Curler for Curly Lashes

For those who already are blessed with thick lush eyelashes, one tool that may be of great help to you for aiding in adding a curl to those is an eyelash curler. As with many eyelash products, there is a proper way to use the tool and a way that could end up harming your lashes or causing them to fall out. If you have a big date planned or a special event in which you want to look your best, the last thing you need is to lose any of those luscious long lashes.

Proper Preparation is the Key

There are a few tips to prepare your eyelash curler before you begin. These steps will help you to maintain that overall glamorous look and help your eyes get that wide and bright appearance regardless of their shape and size.

– choose metal over plastic because they will do a better job on the curl

– make sure you replace the pads on the curler every couple of months

– putting the curler 5 seconds under a hair dryer will add that extra bonus to curling your eyelashes quicker

Steps for Creating the Best Curled Eyelashes

1. Make sure to wash your face and eyelashes so there is no left over mascara left on. Using eye makeup remover will allow you to gently remove the mascara without risking pulling out any lashes.

2. As you will be using a metal curler, allowing it to heat up under the hair dryer for a few seconds will help you but you want to make sure that it is not too long. If it is hot to the touch, let it cool for a few more seconds. You do not want to risk burning your eyelid when you place it on top.

3. When you open your curler, you want to aim for the base of your lashes near the roots. Clamp shut and hold it closed for 10-30 seconds at a time. This must be done before any new mascara is applied as it is not healthy to use a curler once mascara has been put on since the lashes can stick to the curler as the mascara dries and can then be torn out at the roots. You do not need to try to curl your bottom lashes.

4. Follow this same procedure with the other eye and voila! You should have full curly lashes that will add more vim to your look.

If you want to take the best care of your eyelashes and keep them healthy and strong, you must be sure to be gentle and only use tools that will help and not hinder. While there are many products on the market today for beauty care and helping you add dimensions to your eyelashes and brows, if used improperly, these tools can also cause you much concern.