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How to Use Makeup to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Do you think your eyes are too small? Do you wish you could do something to make them look bigger and stand out more? Well now you can. This article will share tips on how to use makeup to make your eyes look bigger so you can get that desired look.

These tips are from celebrity makeup artist Daniel Sandler. Light shimmer on the lids, a little bit of something dark in the crease, a little bit of liner across the lids close to the eyelashes, and then finish off with some false eyelashes and then lots of mascara.

  1. Apply foundation over the skin and eye area to even out the tone of your skin.
  2. Use a cream to powder eyeshadow in a pale frosty color over the eyelids.
  3. Work a medium grey eyeshadow into the creases of the eye sockets with a soft blending brush, making sure that the lid itself is kept lighter.
  4. Apply the grey eyeshadow along the lower lash line, winging it out beyond the eyes to make it look bigger.
  5. To draw attention to your eyes, use a liquid eyeliner and apply to the top eyelid and into the inner corner of each eye.
  6. Next curl the eyelashes to really open up the eyes. making sure you get as close to the roots as possible.
  7. Then apply lots and lots of mascara being sure to go from root to tip to get the maximum length you can.
  8. Add a little bit of clear sparkle to your eyebrows for extra impact.
  9. And finally if you have the time, finish up by adding a few single false lashes to the outer edge of each lash to help make your eyes look even bigger.

There are also a few tips that you can apply to your eyes that do not require much work and still work towards helping to make your eyes appear to be bigger.

  • Groom your eyebrows. This means simply plucking or removing any stray hairs so your eyes will appear more noticeable. Be careful you don’t make the mistake of plucking your eyebrows too thin as this does not always help you achieve your desired look. It is all a matter of shaping.
  • Use creams and other methods to help reduce any swelling or puffiness of the skin around your eyes as the swelling can tend to make your eyes appear smaller than they may be.
  • When applying eyeliner, be sure not to apply it all the way around your eyes as in the effect for smokey eyes as this can make your eyes appear smaller. By also lining the inner rim of your lower lid with a white or other light color liner, this can also help to make your eyes appear bigger.
  • By adding a little white eyeliner or shadow to the inside corner of your eyes to help bring more light into them, this will help give the effect of your eyes being larger. Be careful to avoid a harsh white shade though.

While it may take a little practice to create this perfect look, using the right colors, shades and brushes will help you make the most of your efforts. There is no reason why you should have to worry about your small eyes being lost in your face or not drawing the attention you so desire if you practice these helpful tips every day. These steps for How to Use Makeup to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger can be applied for any situation and you can show off at work or for a night on the town.