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Ideas on Different Ways to Wear Eyeliner


As we go about our day, we want to be able to wear our eyeliner in new and unique ways so we can create a different look for everything we wear or the places we need to go. The following article will share some ideas of different ways to wear eyeliner so you can expand your horizons and try something new.

The basic options forĀ  for applying eye liner:

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    Apply to top lid and bottom inner rim

  • Apply to top lid, bottom lid and bottom inner rim
  • Apply to just the bottom inner rim
  • Apply to top lid, and outer 1/2 of bottom lid
  • Apply to top lid only
  • Apply to bottom lid only

You can pretty well just try out what each one looks like and then decide on colors, eye shadows and matching colors and accessories. Each application will give you a different look.It is up to you whether you want to dress all hot and smoky for a night on the town or just look like a professional with a simple line of color under your eye or above your eye for on the job success.

A few other eyeliner ideas are:

  • Basic Doll Eyes-you can pull off a round eyed look of innocence with a simple eyeliner and mascara application.


  • Sugar Plum Eye Makeup-This is perfect for those who fear their eyes are too small. This allows you to bring out your eyes without dramatic colors or the need for wearing too much eyeliner at all.
  • Subtle Smoky Look for those who want to look desirous without the excessive makeup.
  • The simple pretty look is just a thin layer of liner along the top of your eye with a neutral eye shadow shade applied as well, topped off with mascara and some lipstick and this creates the perfect look for every day on the go.

Again,it is all up to you how you would like to apply your eyeliner and which colors you choose to go with for your eye shadow. You can create a subtle every day look all the way up to a hot smoking night on the town look that will have everyone looking your way. Half the fun of wearing makeup is the ability to try out new colors, shades and angles to go with your clothing and see what you can come up with. So, grab yourself some eyeliner of different shades and get trying out all the different looks you can pull off.