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Is Eyelash Perming Worth the Price?

So are you thinking about perming your eyelashes? As with anything that involves the sensitive eye area you want to make an informed decision aboutcr any beauty and makeup procedures. Lets go over some of the pros and cons of perming, and find out if it is the right decision for you and your lifestyle.

Why perming? Perming eyelashes can be a a great way to enhance your lashes without much work and the results last from 1 -4 months. Sounds good so far right? Now for some downside. Eyelash perming has yet to be approved by the F.D.A. as it is a relatively new procedure. Eyelash perming was developed in the 1990s and started gaining a following around the year 2000. You can consult with an eyelash perming specialist in a salon for anywhere from $30 – $70 for both lashes. Or you can do it yourself from $10 – $30 in products in about 45 minutes.

Who Should Get Their Eyelashes Permed?

So who is a good candidate for eyelash perming? Most commonly eyelash perming is done on women (and yes some men) that prefer to go without makeup, often including mascara, and who have active lifestyles. Anyone can benefit from the procedure that can even handle the extreme physical activities that many people enjoy. The curl in the lash remains even under the most active lifestyle.

The physical aspects of what eyelash perming will do for you are giving you lashes that appear thicker, fuller and longer, just from a simple curl!

Potential Drawbacks to Lash Perming

There is a possibility that over exposure can cause damage to your lashes, such as breakage and lash loss, if lashes are permed too frequently. Frequently perming your lashes can also cause burning and itchy eyelids. There are lash conditioners that can help counter these effects, but the safest way to be sure is to consult a specialist as even the conditioners can do damage to the eye itself. The long term effects are still unknown for this procedure.

What Will Come in a Home Eyelash Perming Kit?

Your home perming kit should contain curling rods of various sizes (small, medium, and large), a tube of setting lotion, a tube of perming lotion, a nourishing agent, an eye cleanser and the perming glue. This is where it becomes difficult, so please follow the steps included to the word as the chemicals can be harmful. You want to always use protective gloves and read the instructions carefully before under going any type of lash perming.

Final Thoughts on Perming Your Lashes

Always be educated about any cosmetic procedures you might have done. Consult a specialist if you have any doubt or questions whatsoever. It is better to make an informed decision that is right for you and your lifestyle, because the consequences can be high if you don’t.

Suggested At-Home Perm Kit: Dolly’s Eyelash Wave Lotion

Eyelash perm
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