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Natural Looking Eye Makeup Techniques

While jazzing up your look for a night on the town may sound a little exciting, many people prefer a natural look when they head off in the morning for work, school or time with other moms. But many women do not know how to apply the subtle natural shades to their face in a way to make them appear as if they are not really wearing makeup at all. Today we will discuss some natural looking eye makeup techniques that you can easily apply to get the right look for you.

You will need to make sure that you have some neutral eye shadow colors on hand. You may want to grab your tweezers and spend a moment or two plucking a few stray hairs from your eyebrows so that they will have a classic yet elegant shape to them. If you are unsure of how to do this, you can find tips and tricks online or ask a friend or professional at the beauty salon. When applying a natural shade of color to your eye area, you want your eyebrows to just blend in and ones that are bushy or unkempt will detract from your beauty.

When you are ready to start out with the makeup, foundation is the base. If you have soft, young or radiant skin, it may be better for you to go without a foundation at all. If you feel you would really like to wear some to keep your skin looking even and without any color blotches showing up as they can sometimes do throughout the day, choose a foundation that matches your skin color and apply it lightly. You may find you need to buy and test a few first until you find that perfect match.  The last thing you want is to have a caked on look when trying to apply natural looking eye makeup techniques.

When it comes to choosing eye shadow, you want three varying colors; a light color, a medium color and a dark color. They should all have the same tone and be more natural and neutral shades. The nice thing about warm colors is they look good any time of day or night and are the best used when taking photos.

Eyeliner needs to be a medium color and a light color for a fresh natural look, stay away from anything dark. Many people wear only one eyeliner color and only two colors of eye shadow but the extra color is what gives you the style and extra punch. If you want to be like a pro, you also need to hunt around for the type of eyeliner that looks like a little cake and you need to mix with water before applying. It does take more time for this method but you have more control when you get to mix it yourself.

You always start by applying your eyeliner to your lids before adding eye shadow. If you need to though, you can always touch it up again after the eye shadow has been applied. Using the medium liner, you want to apply it around the outside two thirds of your eyes. Be sure to blend it gently where it will meet the light eyeliner. How this works is the light liner will brighten up your eyes after the medium color has outlined and defined your eyes. Take the light liner and work it around the remaining one third of your eye lids both top and bottom. Be sure all areas where to two colors meet are blended well so it will all flow together.

When it comes to applying eye shadow, you want to make sure you have a nice soft but firm brush that will blend the colors easier Starting with your light color choice, you want to apply a gentle layer from your eyelashes to your eyebrows. Be sure to brush up and away from the middle of your face making sure to blend the color our really well on each side. Next you want to grab your darkest color and apply it to the crease at the top of your eyelid. You may find this is the toughest part to do. Blend the eye shadow in really well and keep it narrower on the inside. The last step is to grab the medium color shade you have picked out and apply it from your eyelashes to the crease. You want to make sure to concentrate the color on the outside half of the eye being sure to blend it well with the your light base in to the inside corners of your eyes.

If you do want a little more bolder look without going overboard, you can add a little bit of eyebrow color and some mascara to your lashes and you should be ready to go with a fresh, natural and classic look.