Who would have thought years ago when makeup was first invented that technology would bring us to a time where you could get permanent eye makeup applied to your face and not have to worry about trying to fit a makeup routine into your busy schedule? Well, now you can! Now you can sleep in a few extra minutes in the morning, or go and take a dip in the pool for exercise and not have to worry about taking the time to re-do your makeup all over again.

But not everyone thinks this is a good idea. Some women enjoy the time they spend in the morning giving themselves a different look to match what they wear or their mood for the day. This article is going to cover a few of the pros and cons of permanent eye makeup, what it is exactly and how it is performed by skilled technicians.


Permanent makeup can give your eyebrows a fuller look with more uniform. You can choose to have permanent eyeliner as well to make your lashes look longer if you have lightly colored lashes, sparse lashes or short ones. If you have pale lips, you can have lip liner permanently tattooed to your lips or go for the extreme and have your full lip filled in so you never have to worry about applying lipstick throughout your day. Hey, it is even possible to have permanent eye shadow applied to your eyelids if you so desire.

And how can this help you?

-you could shed anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour off your morning schedule if you lead a busy life or one full of stress -if you were contact lens, have vision issues, or have a hard time applying makeup, having permanent makeup can alleviate that issue for you

-some women are allergic to mascara or other makeup and this can resolve that issue

-is you have lost your eyebrows due to a health problem such as alopecia than having permanent eyebrow tattooed on can hide that fact. If you suffer from vitiligo which is a lack of pigmentation in some areas of the skin, tattooing can help camouflage the areas.

-perfect for those healthy types who are always in the water swimming or doing water sports

-if you have had an accident and injured your neck or shoulders and have a hard time applying makeup anymore, this procedure can eliminate the need

-pure vanity means. It is convenient. With permanent makeup, you can look good 24 hours a day no matter what!

Cons of permanent eye makeup

All cosmetic procedures carry risks- these can include infection, problems with removal, allergic reactions, keloid formation, MRI complications and granulomas.

-infection can be caused by makeup equipment that hasn’t been properly sterilized. The needles can transmit infectious diseases like hepatitis, bacteria, or Staphylococcus aureus

-while most people may wonder why they would want the makeup removed once applied, it is possible. While laser technology is quite advanced, it makeup removal is still a painstaking process which includes several trips and a whole lot of money. It is also possible that complete removal cannot be completed without a certain amount of scarring.

-certain shades of ink have been reported to the FDA to be known to cause allergic reactions in some people. The pigmentation can also be quite hard to remove.

-granulomas are nodules that form around foreign material that the body doesn’t like

-keloid formations are scars that grow beyond the normal range. These can form any time your skin is injured or traumatized in some way. These occur most frequently when tattoos or permanent makeup is removed

-there have been reports that some people who have gone in for a magnetic resonance imaging scan(MRI) have experienced swelling or burning in the areas where they have been tattooed. The tattoo pigmentation can also affect the quality of the image especially when someone has received permanent eyeliner and undergoes and MRI. It is possible though that by informing the technician, there may be a workaround solution so you can still receive your MRI as requested by the doctor

Now that you know some of the pros and cons of getting permanent eye makeup, you need to weigh the options and decide what you feel would be right for your life. Everyone is different. Permanent eye makeup is becoming quite popular these days and as long as you know what could possibly happen, you will be able to make the best informed choice. Be sure to talk to a professional if you need some extra help in making the decision or have other questions and concerns.

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