For those women or even men who have lost their eyebrows due to thinning or even an accident which may have burned them off, having permanent eyebrow tattoos is an option. There are some pros and cons of this procedure just like many other cosmetic procedures. The one thing to remember is that for most cases, the tattoos are going to be there for life so you need to put a lot of thought into this decision. It is much the same as getting any other tattoo in various places on your body. You will need to discuss with the tattoo artist/specialist what shape of brow you would like whether it will be a thin, highly arched one or a thicker one with a subtle arch. You also need to make sure that you go to a place that is recommended by someone who has had eyebrows tattooed before. All ink in salons/tattoo parlours are not the same.

Pros of permanent eyebrow tattoos:

  • Helps cut down on the time you need to spend putting makeup on every day. It can take quite a chunk of your day up if you need to stop and re-apply liner or eyebrow corrector for the fill in.
  • Permanent eyebrows can give you that more defined look. Well shaped eyebrows that have been crafted finely with the right shape can give you a thinner look and also help your narrow eyes look wider. Some women have even made the choice to shave off all of their natural eyebrows for a permanent tattoo due to the ease of maintenance.
  • For those who suffer from a condition called alopecia where they lose all of their hair on their bodies including their eyebrows, this procedure can mask their condition and make it appear as if they are just blessed with the perfect shape and color.

Cons of Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos:

  • While there may be conflicting answers from those that have had tattoos on various parts of their body, most will agree that there is some degree of pain to this procedure due to the delicate skin and bone above your eyes. But most people just hold their breath for a few short minutes as that is usually as long as it takes since the area is so small.
  • You need to remember when doing anything permanent that it is not going to be able to be un-done unless you get it lasered. For this reason, you need to think carefully about the style, shape and color you choose to go with. If you go for what is trendy, this could change a few years down the road leaving your eyebrows not so popular anymore.
  • You must be prepared for the chance that your tattoo could become infected or your skin could have problems. Some women get scarring, or develop keloids (a scar replaced by collagen leaving a rubbery or shiny lesion or nodule on the skin surface) after having completed this surgery. If you have sensitive skin or scar pretty easily, you may want to think twice about this being the right decision for you.

Where to Go for Permanent Eyebrow Tattooing

Many people can get this done in a professional beauty salon. If you choose to do this, make sure you ask around and find someone who has been trained and has proper certification hanging on their wall. Depending on the State you may live in, there may be different laws to adhere to. You want someone who will know what to do if anything goes wrong, has and uses the best sterilized equipment(this includes the little things such as needles all the way up to the bigger machines needed for the various permanent makeup procedures).

Do the Tattoos Hurt?

While you will always get a mixed review of whether this procedure may hurt or not, it is being completed by a needle. You may have to sit for an extended period of time without moving, you may have an allergic reaction which could cause you to itch or get a rash. You could also suffer from keloids which are scars that have been replaced by collagen and leaves a rubbery or shimmery lesion on the surface of the skin. So if you have sensitive skin, allergies, or are prone to scarring easily, you may want to talk to a professional and find out what other options you may have.

Do Permanent Eyebrow Tattoos Look “Real”?

If you find an expert, these do look real enough. If you are thinking about getting them done because you have bald spots or your hair is just too thin, you may want to just try to look into methods for increasing the growth of your own hair. If you have a disorder such as one that does not allow you to re-grow your hair, then this could be your solution. It does fade over time though so you may end up undergoing the process a few times throughout your life. If you lead a really busy life and just do not have the time for applying liner or makeup to create eyebrows or touch up your existing ones, then this could be a way for you to just get up and go.

As always, when you are considering a permanent solution for anything, you really must talk to a professional, weigh all the pros and cons and decide if this is the best solution. Proceeding with something before you know all the facts could end up putting you in a worse situation than you are already in. Since modern technology is bringing so many different methods into play these days, you should spend the time needed to consider all options before making that final decision.

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