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Smoky Eyes Makeup Tips and Techniques

Smoky eyes are eyes that really pop out and draw attention. But there is a specific way you need to apply your eye makeup to create these dramatic effects of you want to achieve the right look. You can opt to go for a black and gold smoky eye look or even a purple smoky eye look. It all depends on the look you want to portray and the clothes and accessories you want to wear with your look. The following article shares a few smoky eyes makeup tips and techniques for creating just the look you want.

After you have applied some foundation to your eyelid, you will want to grab an eyeliner pencil of the color you are going for. For example, you can use a brown pencil for a smoky brown eyed look.

  1. Take your eyeliner and apply it to the top of your eyelid just above the eyelashes. Go from one corner of the eye to the other in a thick line. Then using your finger, you can smudge the liner to create a smoother look without harsh lines. Then take your eyeliner pencil and apply to the lower inside lid of the eye also from corner to corner.
  2. Next take a dark shadow such as a brown and using a wide eyeshdow brush, apply it to the entire eyelid area up to the crease.
  3. Following you will need to take a rounded brush and using the same shade of shadow, add to the crease of the eye. You will then need to remove all excess shadow from your brush and then use the brush to blend in the shadow on the crease and above to give it a well meshed appearance.
  4. Grab a softer colored shadow such as a cream and find a dome shaped brush. Using this brush, apply the light shaded eyeshadow to the top of the eye up to the eyebrow. Then blend the highlighter shade and the darker shade together to make sure they meet together softly and gradually.
  5. Using a small flat brush, take some of the dark brown shadow and apply to underneath the eye, being sure to wipe off too much access shadow before application so it will not smear or add too much.
  6. Take your eyeliner and re-apply to the inside of your lower eye lid.
  7. Next grab a q-tip and add some of that highlighter soft cream eyeshadow to the tip. Moving to the inside corner of your eye, spread on some of this highlighter to add that extra dimension.
  8. Add your mascara to both the lower and upper eyelashes to bring out the color of the shadow. You may want to apply two coats of mascara and for extra drama, be sure that you have curled your lashes with an eyelash curler beforehand.

You can choose to use any color of eyeshadow such as black, brown, grey, purple, or plum. Just be sure that the eyeliner you choose is the same color or a close enough match to get the right effect. You may find it a little hard at first to get the right blend together between the dark and lighter shades but with a little practice, you should have it down in no time.