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Threading Eyebrows: Advantages and Drawbacks

Threading eyebrows may be an uncommon or alien concept for some people in this day and age but it is one of the oldest methods for removing body hair many people in places such as India and the Middle East. It has made its way over to the west over the years and has become something unique that people are willing to try out.

What is the Process of Threading Eyebrows?

First you need to get some twisted cotton threads together. You will then roll these threads over any untidy hairline you have and pluck out the hair you don’t want. It is a healthy procedure for your skin and does not cause any ingrown hairs to form. It is a tricky procedure that requires following a specific set of steps and a lot of practice. Most people do not practice this method in North America. This is often a method people can use if they cannot afford laser hair removal but it may not last as long as the laser job does.


It is affordable, healthy and requires no doctors’ appointments or check-ups. It is less painful than some other known methods of hair removal on delicate areas such as eyebrows. It is also a relatively quick method of hair removal compared to other procedures that you can do both from home and in a clinic. The effects last from two to four weeks. It is the perfect method for those with skin too sensitive for laser hair removal or waxing. There are no chemicals involved so there is no chance of suffering from a reaction of some sort.


Finding a qualified and practiced professional who knows the art well can be hard. If it is not performed by a professional it can be really painful and cause adverse effects. In North America, you may have a hard time finding someone if you do not know where to go. If done wrong it can cause side effects such as folliculitis which is a bacterial infection that affects the hair follicles. You may also see a reddening of the skin and various skin pigment changes. It also only works on flat surfaces (so this is not a good procedure to try on places like a bikini line or your knees for instance.) Also, this is a MUST NOT for anyone who has acne as it could cause ruptures. It is for these reasons that many people still choose to shave their eyebrows instead.

If you have been thinking about trying out the process of threading eyebrows, you must make sure you find out all the information you need to know before going forward with it. You must make sure you find the best practitioner you can so you can minimize any and all risks involved.