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Tips to Apply Individual Eyelash Inserts

There are many reasons women like to wear false eyelashes. Perhaps you have short eyelashes, or very thin ones; whatever your reason, you need to learn how to apply them in the correct way for both comfort and style. One of the best ways to apply individual eyelash inserts is by purchasing an eyelash extensions kit. Here are a few tips to apply individual eyelash inserts:

One reason that is common for those who would like to apply individual eyelash inserts is an allergy to mascara or other eye makeup products that will allow you to plump up your natural eyelashes and show them off more.

Tip #1
When you are out to look for an eyelash extension kit, look to find one that is advertised as easy to do yourself and is a semi permanent. These will give you the same look that many Hollywood Stars have when they go out for a night on the town.

Regular strip false eyelashes are great for if you only want to wear them to a special event for a day or two and then would like to go back to normal every day looks but if you are looking for a more permanent solution, choosing the semi permanent ones allow you to wear them for up to six weeks without hassle. Individual fake lashes can create a more dramatic look for you while artificial eyelashes appear very natural looking.

Tip #2
Save money when you can. If you have some free time(an average application takes about 30 minutes), and have the patience and manual dexterity to apply these individual eyelash inserts yourself, completing the application process yourself can save you up to $300 depending on what salon you would go to. You can also save time. If you choose to go to a salon, the process that they complete takes anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on the speed and skill of the technician working on you.

Tip #3
You will need to apply your lashes in clusters. A full set of false lashes usually contain 10-12 flare lashes in each kit. They are applied to your eyelids with a non-irrating eyelash adhesive or glue. When applied correctly, you will not be able to see or feel the fake eyelash.

Tip #4
Using a kit is a preferred choice because the contents are safer than some used in the salons. Some of the glues used in salons have dangerous chemicals such as formaldehyde and cyano acrylate(crazy glue). These components can make it hard for the eyelashes to be removed causing extra damage to the follicles of your own natural lashes. The eyelashes you get in a do it yourself home kit can also be removed simply by applying an oil rich substance such as mineral oil or baby oil to the base where the glue was applied and put onto your lid.

Tip #5
After you remove the lash from the tray, flex it a few times holding it from both ends. This will allow you to be able to apply it to your lid with a more natural shape. Be sure to press it in place as close to the edge of your natural lash as possible. If you find the lash is too long, you can remove it and trim the outer edges with scissors.

Tip #6
When applying the thing layer of adhesive to the edge of your eyelash insert, try putting a drop of the adhesive on the tip of a toothpick to keep the volume of glue being used to a minimum so there will be less mess and excess.

Tip #7
The best way to get the results you would like and have the perfect application the first time is if you make sure all oil is off your eyelids where you will be applying your individual eyelash inserts. You can use a toner-astringent and wipe with a tissue or thin washcloth and this should remove all oil buildup.