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Top Eye Makeup Styles and Ideas

If you are into fashion and design, you may want to be keeping up with the latest trends. For every outfit there is a fabulous matching eye makeup style that many people would love to learn and apply. Keeping track of the celebs and fashion experts allows you to try out the styles and check into new ideas for when you too need a change.

In the fall of 2011, many dramatic looks were displayed. There were the extreme kohl-lined or wing-line eyes and the forever popular smoky eye look in black and navy eyeshadows. Other trends that were popular were metallics like the silver and gold jewel toned hues and cobalt blue. If you are worried about this being too dark of a look for you, you merely need to apply a little shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes and along the waterline and brow bone and this will open up your look and add a little brightness to it.

Other top eye makeup styles that were popular this year were eyebrows that were thick and dark and lashes that were bold, long and lush or even spiky like spider-legs and a little bit clumpy.

There are several tips you need to keep in mind when applying bold colors such as metallics or emerald green and shade of blue to your eyes. You should always apply a primer on the lid because this helps the color last longer and prevents any creasing. Creamy eyeliner works the best with this look because you can smudge it to create a softer blend. Apply the lighter base color such as the silver to your eyelid. Then apply the black to just the crease and blend it out with an angled brush until it is a soft smoky look. For the perfect complement to this look, finish it off with a soft pink or nude colored lipstick or gloss.

While many of the dramatic makeup styles and ideas you see on the runways and in the magazines you would not were in an everyday setting, it is fun to try out new techniques and see what works well together so that you can create a nice look for yourself that is very stylish or trendy.

You can spend some time on Youtube or and find makeup application videos if you would rather see the steps people are taking and not just read about how to apply them to your own face or a friends. Finding a style that is well appreciated and sought after may not be something you will ever achieve unless you find yourself working in the fashion world but it can still be fun to play around and practice all of the top makeup styles and ideas that you can find.