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Why Eyelash Tinting – Who Should Get Their Eyelashes Dyed?

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For the busy woman who’s on the go and has no time to apply makeup, or keep up with the maintenance of their eyelashes, eyelash tinting could be the perfect solution. Eyelash tinting is the dyeing of your eyelashes to make them look darker and longer. The dye used is semi-permanent, but will last as long as your eyelashes do (the average eyelash “lives” for 4-6 weeks), so you will need touch-ups every month or two to keep your lashes the shade you want.

With this process you will not need to use mascara. You can get your eyelashes dyed any color you want. Dyeing your eyelashes is like dyeing your hair-you can dye your lashes any odd, or natural looking color you like. However, most people who are interested in tinting eyelashes have blond or light brown lashes and want them darkened to brown or black, but the choice is yours.

Most eyelash tinting services will use a natural vegetable-based dye, not the chemical concoctions that might be used on your hair. This is a non-surgical procedure, and is quick, painless and relatively safe. Check with your doctor for advice if you have allergies or skin sensitivities.

Cost of Tinted Eyelashes

You can get your lashes dyed at most beauty salons for $30-$50. The process takes no more than 20 minutes from start to finish. On the other hand, at home kits can cost $20-40, but often include enough dye for several touch-ups.

Health Concerns with Dyed Lashes

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Before you change the color of your eyelashes take a simple skin reaction test. If you’re getting your eyelashes dyed in a salon, ask your aesthetician to test the dye on your skin first. If you’re using an at home kit, place a small amount of the dye on the skin near your eye, wait several minutes, and remove it. If you experience any sort of allergic reaction (burning sensation and itchiness are the most common), try a different type of dye.

Where to Get Your Eyelashes Tinted

In general, you should visit a beauty salon to have your eyelashes done, though many women try it for themselves after a few sessions. You must be careful, however, because your eyelashes are too near your eyes for you to be careless with. Most dyes won’t cause more than eye irritation and stinging, but there are always exceptions and you don’t ever want to run the risk of damaging your eyes.

If you don’t feel comfortable dyeing your own lashes you have two choices: get a trusted friend to help, and you can do hers in return, or pay for the monthly salon visit to have your eyelashes dyed.

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